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Raye Zaragoza – Fight Like A Girl

     If you are a woman, what should the world’s expectation for you be? What should they think you are capable of? The answer is anything and everything and Raye Zaragoza plants that message firmly in the new and delightful folk-pop single, Fight Like A Girl (seen/heard here). The video samples video and stills of women demonstrating their abilities to do what is needed and is a rock-solid statement of new feminist activism in an age of resurgent oppression.  The message is loud and clear: Women are every…

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Sarah Harmer – New Low

     Canadian singer-songwriter, folk-rocker, Sarah Harmer smacks your complacency upside the head with New Low from the forthcoming (out by the time you read this) long-player, Are You Gone (February 2020). The chorus on this track is a gem worthy of repeat: “Out in the street three times this week, new threats, new lows. If this gets us to our feet and grows, who knows?” Through this refrain and the verses leading up to it, Harmer speaks of complacency that makes us feel that the problems of the world aren’t ours, that we…

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Wyvern Lingo – Out Of My Hands

     The beautiful harmonies of the Australian three-piece Wyvern Lingo have been favorites on Vodka over the last three years. For those of you who have missed them the first few times around, here’s a look back: Used, from the EP The Widow Knows, September 10, 2014 Snow, from the EP The Widow Knows, January 14, 2015 Letter To Willow, the title track of their 2016 EP, March 16, 2016 The forthcoming release (February 2018) of their new self-titled long-player, is a welcome new infusion of music from this great group…

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