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Aaron English – Pride

     Once in a while, usually about the time I’m getting disillusioned by the state of music and the music business, an artist or band will drop into my lap and change my attitude, reminding me that there are still great artists out there, great talents, that deserve and need to be recognized. Such is the case with Aaron English, who came to my attention via a house concert invitation. Thank you, Matthew Hough!  Pride (seen/heard here) came together during the pandemic as a collaborative effort with eight artists from around the world…

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Arielle Silver – What Really Matters

     When music comes from the heart and from personal experience, it really matters, and that isn’t meant to be a play on words. Arielle Silver has crafted a masterpiece in What Really Matters (seen/heard here). It’s a triumphant song about just that – what really matters. It is a song that comes from the gun smoke of a bar shooting and the ashes of the California hills, but it is not a song about giving in or giving up, but about really knowing what is important in life. What…

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