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Bears Of Legend – Any Road To Anywhere

     Bears of Legend are one of the best under-appreciated bands out there. Using a disparate blend of folk, classical, rock, and progressive, the band weaves a sound that is intricate, complex, and yet very accessible. The band’s most recent single,  Any Road to Anywhere (seen/heard here) from the 2018 long-player A Million Lives, is a case in point. The single presents itself initially with a pop lead-in, there is just a hint of the progressive rock elements of the song by the time the first chorus…

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Bears Of Legend – Let Me Be

 Bears of Legend alternate between the tender and quiet to the bold and powerful on Let Me Be, from their December 2012 long-player, Good Morning Motherland. Stitched together with strong folk influences and laced with indie-rock and pop, this is very complex and textural music. Instrumentation is multifaceted, with accordion, cello, electric piano, guitars, and drums, all working flawlessly together and enhancing the powerful vocal lead.   Finding info out about the band is a bit difficult. I know they are French Canadian,…

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