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Ben Balmer – Thinking

 Over a year ago, I reviewed the awesome single between Ben Balmer and Aly Tadros entitled Whim. In that review, I referred to Ben Balmer’s long-player at the time, and that Aly Tadros was part of that as well. Well, I’m a dork. Apparently a bit quick to post the review, I didn’t do more digging to find out that the long-player in question, Dug In (October 2012), was Ben’s project alone. My apologies to Mr. Balmer for that screw up! Thinking, is from…

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Aly Tadros & Ben Balmer – Whim

 A person has to want more from these two! This is such an fun, old-worldly sounding folk song. The duo is Aly Tadros & Ben Balmer, and Whim is a single from April 2013, they do have a previously released long-player from October 2012 entitled Dug In. Dug In features more of the interplay between Aly and Ben with some harder edged folk-rock thrown in for good measure.  While there appears to be no web site for the duo, you can find Aly Tadros…

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