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Charming Disaster – Ghost Story

     You may remember Charming Disaster from a few months back, and the review of I Know You Know. So what is a video track from 2013 from Charming Disaster doing here now then? Well, the duo is raising money for their next long-player and currently has a Kickstarter campaign going on. So if you love their tongue-in-cheek songs of ghosts, goblins, murder, and mayhem, then you should head up to the site and give these two musical pranksters some funds for the next masterpiece! Ghost Story was obviously released on…

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Charming Disaster – I Know You Know

     Charming Disaster, from songwriter/performers Ellia Bisker (of Sweet Soubrette) and Jeff Morris (of Kotorino), weave dark, often comedic, stories of love, death, crime, and more. Armed with ukulele (Ellia Bisker) and guitar (Jeff Morris) along with the dynamic force of their dueling vocals, the music that they make is both intriguing and accessible but still very different from the same old thing.  On their debut long-player, Love, Crime and Other Trouble (February 2015), you’ll find a wealth of musical styles.  There’s the straight-up pop fun of Ocean City…

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