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Mike Daly & The Planets – This Is My Life

     What happens when you are not only faced with a global pandemic and the health issues associated with that, but with a life-threatening disease on top of it? Do you give up or give in? Not in the case of Mike Daly, frontman for Mike Daly & The Planets, a rock band with decided classic-rock edges. Mike has recurring cancer of the lymphatic system, which means that he is doubly at risk during the pandemic. A while back, Mike had an awakening of sorts,…

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Magnolia Sons – For Your Love

 It’s no accident that this cover of the Yardbirds For Your Love should be performed by Nashville, Tennessee’s Magnolia Sons. The band has been making 60’s and 70’s r&b and rock retro tunes in single form for the past couple of years. Their latest two-song single, Nobody But You and Hey Emmaline (April 2013) continues that pattern of single releases in that retro style.  Magnolia Sons has no posted bio on their web site but you can get a close approximation by clicking…

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Band of Frequencies – All I’ve Found

 There’s nothing terribly new and different about Band of Frequencies, but it’s the sum of the parts that make everything work. Here on All I’ve Found from the band’s October 2012 long-player, Rise Like The Sun, the band combines a funky intro with classic-rock and blues which sounds vocally (vaguely) like Pink Floyd guitarist/vocalist David Gilmour. This is polished rock music with some wonderful melodic hooks.  Check out Band of Frequencies by visiting their MySpace or Facebook pages. You can purchase…

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