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Oka Vanga – Beneath The Apple Tree

     A simple love song that absolutely exudes happiness, Beneath The Apple Tree (seen/heard here)  by UK folk / Americana duo, Oka Vanga, is the type of song that is immediately infectious. It’s an ear-worm for sure, but one that you won’t find too painful if it sticks around for a while. In the heart of winter in the midst of a pandemic that just won’t go away, that’s the sort of beacon of hope that we all need! Oka Vanga is Angela Meyer and William Cox, whose chance…

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The Black Feathers – The Ghosts Have Eaten Well |

     The Black Feathers have graced the Vodka page several times before and is one of my favorite duos, though I have several.  Enter the latest offering (June 2018) from the EP of the same name, The Ghosts Have Eaten Well, and rejoice!  That’s right, it should be a celebration every time you see that this great couple has released more music as it is always top-notch.  The fact of the matter is that The Black Feathers are getting noticed in a big way, making…

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