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Casii Stephan – These Hard Days

     Our world seems in shambles in many ways. One can easily lose hope when you look at all of the issues facing us. Casii Stephan’s anthem for dealing with life is found in These Hard Days (seen/heard here) and it is an anthem worth taking to heart! Stephan’s beautifully natural alto vibrato says it’s OK to scream in frustration, to let your emotions out, but calls on us to remember that no matter how hard these days are, “they are still our days.” The message here is that you…

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Ebony Buckle – You’re Loved

     You may remember Ebony Buckle from Vodka’s review of Ghost a few months back. Well, Buckle has returned to bring us the hope we all crave in these crazy times. With enough bad news to depress even the most optimistic person, Ebony Buckle is the voice of our salvation. Enter, You’re Loved, a testament to you, whoever you are, to let you know that someone loves you and you are not alone. It’s also a plea to love yourself.  The music is great, but the vocals from Buckle are what…

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