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Chris Brain – Golden Days

     You should recognize the voice of Chris Brain. His music and voice distinctly resemble Nick Drake, as I noted a little over a year ago in the review for Bound To Rise found here. It’s eerie and magnificent too. It is almost like Nick Drake’s song One Of These Things First in action, except perhaps just reincarnated as Chris Brain! In that original review, I noted that the song was the title track to Brain’s debut LP, which was not only good but great. Well, Golden…

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Chris Brain – Bound To Rise

     Vodka did a double-take as soon as the vocal kicked in. That voice is hauntingly familiar, yet not familiar. It’s like, but not quite like, Nick Drake. Even compositionally, Chris Brain has a Nick Drake-ish take on music creation and sound. Don’t get me wrong: Chris is 100% original. I’m sure many of you have never heard of Nick Drake. It’s unfair to bring him up without discussing him just a bit, but just know this review is not for Nick Drake,…

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