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Ebony Buckle – Wonder

     It was only June of last year that Vodka discovered Ebony Buckle with the review for Ghost. I say only, as it seems an interminably long time ago in the pandemic ravaged world we currently live in. Since that time, Ebony Buckle has continued to create, making music with her partner Nick Burns, by tapping into her faithful Patreon followers to raise funds to keep the music and videos flowing. Wonder (seen/heard here) (released February 1, 2021) is another masterpiece of musical creation, mining the story of the whale known…

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Ebony Buckle – You’re Loved

     You may remember Ebony Buckle from Vodka’s review of Ghost a few months back. Well, Buckle has returned to bring us the hope we all crave in these crazy times. With enough bad news to depress even the most optimistic person, Ebony Buckle is the voice of our salvation. Enter, You’re Loved, a testament to you, whoever you are, to let you know that someone loves you and you are not alone. It’s also a plea to love yourself.  The music is great, but the vocals from Buckle are…

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Ebony Buckle – Ghost

     How would you feel if you were kept from the person that you loved for 2 years? Hopeless? Helpless? Lost? As it turns out, it’s all of those things and more. Ebony Buckle’s latest single Ghost (seen/heard here) is an autobiographical tale of just such a journey. Fighting to renew her visa after her marriage to husband Nick Burns, whom she co-wrote Ghost with over Skype, the two were kept apart and forced into a kind of limbo where their lives could not move forward, plans could not be…

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