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RedFox – Better Now

     RedFox is an indie-folk band making it’s second appearance on Vodka. Better Now (seen/heard here) is a song with a powerful lyric on the music industry from the perspective of front-woman, lead vocalist, and fiddle player, Daphnée Vandal. I reached out to the band and received this response regarding the lyric meaning from Vandal: “The more I performed, the more I started to notice aspects of the music industry that were bothering me; inconsistencies that were noticeable being one of few women in a lead performing role at many of the…

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RedFox – Stay

     Indie-folk can sometimes be a yawner or it can be the edge of something masterful. Enter RedFox and Stay (seen/heard here) from the band’s latest EP, Recovery (May 2019), which fits squarely in the latter category.   RedFox, a five-piece out of Montreal,  combines elements of rock, bluegrass, and folk, to formulate a sound that is truly unique and wonderful. Vocalist/violinist Daphnée Vandal, uses her instrument to add a leading texture to these four tracks, with the band adding great banjo (Tim Loten), guitar (Jono Townsend), bass (Sam Robinson), and drums (Samuel Neumann)…

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