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Fox and Bones – A Changing Of The Guard

      If you are a regular Vodka reader, you know that Fox And Bones are not new to us. I’ve sung the praises of this duo for quite a while now and have been increasingly excited by the music they offer. Delightfully accessible pop, folk, and rock influences are everywhere. More importantly, Fox And Bones are a hopeful and happy duo, that highlights what is right with the world, and why we all need to remember that we are all in this life together. That’s doubly…

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Fox and Bones – Strange and Wondrous Place

     A Strange And Wondrous Place (seen/heard here and released October 11, 2019) is yet another single release from Portland, Oregon-based Fox and Bones, and like the rest of their music, it’s no slouch effort! Combining lyrics with positive imagery, A Strange And Wondrous Place explores the meaning of life. For instance, “if you only had a moment left, what would you want to say?”  That is something pretty profound if you think about it. What would wash away from you if you had but a moment…

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