Fox and Bones – Strange and Wondrous Place

A Strange And Wondrous Place (seen/heard here and released October 11, 2019) is yet another single release from Portland, Oregon-based Fox and Bones, and like the rest of their music, it’s no slouch effort! Combining lyrics with positive imagery, A Strange And Wondrous Place explores the meaning of life. For instance, “if you only had a moment left, what would you want to say?”  That is something pretty profound if you think about it. What would wash away from you if you had but a moment left to exist? Would those who hate, learn to love at that moment? Would they learn that their petty differences with each other were never important at all?  Would they see this world as the “strange and wondrous place” that it really is? Fox and Bones, though, believe it’s possible to achieve your inner goodness, but that it depends on you: “Well, you’ll never be the person you are, until you’ve ditched the person you’ve been.” That’s something we should all reflect on. Most of us carry around opinionated baggage, Vodka included, and sometimes we just can’t seem to let it go so we can be the people we really are inside. 

Like other Fox and Bones releases earlier this year, A Strange And Wondrous Place is a beautiful journey. They make their statement with spot-on two-part harmonies and carefully blended instruments, weaving a thoughtful message into a celebration for your ears. For the duo, the journey started back in January of 2016 and was fleshed out with the August 2016 self-titled EP. Since that time, they have released two long-players, 2017′s The Remarkable Adventures Of Fox and Bones and last year’s Better Land. Between all of that, they have toured tirelessly and released a handful of singles, usually leading up to one of those long-players. With every release, Fox and Bones mature, and the music, which has always been very good, continues to evolve positively. 

Fox and Bones are just home from a limited engagement overseas, and back to touring up and down the Western seaboard of the US. You should try to catch them live if you can, or consider hosting a house concert for them. You can find more information on Fox and Bones on their nicely formatted website. I’m hoping that this new rush of creative effort is something leading up to a new long-player, but even if it isn’t, there are plenty of other reasons to pick up the music the duo has already created. Pick up some Fox and Bones music now from their site, from the music link on their website or from Amazon!