The Bats – It’s Not The Same

A band from New Zealand that has had Vodka’s love and affection for decades, is The Bats. This is a band that performs with the same lineup they had clear back in 1982. Vodka’s only other post by the band, is the wonderful tribute to the Christchurch area in NZ following the 2011 earthquake, Simpletons, back in August 2013

Here is a new studio release of It’s Not The Same from the band’s 2011 long-player, Free All The Monsters. It’s a great way to announce the band’s upcoming late January 2017 long-player, The Deep Set

Vodka first fell in love with The Bats back in 1993, when the long-player, Silverbeet was released, and then proceeded to gobble up as much of the catalog as the budget could afford, in both back-catalog and forward catalog releases for many years. We got side-tracked somewhere after the great Couchmaster was released in 1995 and just didn’t get back to them. Sad for us-But we have seen the light and are ready to once again re-discover the jangly pop goodness that has always set The Bats up as a unique and wonderful band.  Join us, won’t you?

You can find more information on The Bats by visiting the band’s website, which includes links to their various store options. Discover or rediscover one of the seminal bands of the last 3 decades now!