The National Parks – Stones Throw

Note: The original video has disappeared. Here is an audio-only version:

Stone’s Throw is about aspiring to achieve your dreams and it is from The National Parks sophomore effort entitled Until I Live (August 2015). The National Parks make sometimes bouncy, sometimes introspective, message-driven alt-pop and alt-folk tunes that inspire careful listening and yes, dancing. 

When the band released their first full-length, Young, back in September of 2013, they found an immediate following that grew by leaps and bounds. The release of the single, As We Ran (December 2013) inspired the band to tour and again, gained many followers in the process. Fronted by lead vocalists Brad Parks and Sydney McFarlane, the five-piece includes piano (Sydney), guitars (Brad and John Hancock), trumpet (Doug Patterson), and violin (Megan Taylor), with everyone providing other vocals where needed.  The effect is that the band always sounds full-voiced. The songwriting throughout is excellent.

You can find more information on The National Parks by visiting their website or pick up the band’s earlier works in digital form from their site. If you’d like a copy of the newest offering Until I Live or a CD copy of Young, click on the band’s shop link on the aforementioned website

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