The Beautiful Word – May Not Be Love

Could it be a modern day Roches on your speakers? Well, not exactly, but The Beautiful Word do have the quirky folk-pop that the Roches mastered so long ago, re-created in their own image. Also, unlike the Roches, The Beautiful Word is a male/female band. What a lot of fun it is, too! Here on the February 2013 single, May Not Be Love, you get the idea of what The Beautiful Word are all about.

Fun quirky, sometimes minor-key, gems are what the band is about musically, but finding band bio info is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I finally found the band mate’s names on Facebook, but that is pretty much it. They do have a pretty nice web and social presence, but you would never know it from either their Tumblr blog or their site, so a quick note to the band: link all of your web presence to everything else. 

Those are, of course, minor gripes for a group that is otherwise pretty darned interesting to listen to. You can find some information on The Beautiful Word by heading over to the band’s web site (at least it links to most of the rest of their content). Check out some really fun folk-pop now from this great group!