The Blue Stones – Be My Fire

Not exactly “new” but fresh faces on the music scene, The Blue Stones, released their first debut long-player, Black Holes, this past year (2018). Prior to that, they have been honing a blues-rock persona via seven years of hard work and an EP. At their grungiest, they can be equated with the likes of the Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix, but they have tapped into the quieter moments of blues-rock as well, delving into the spiritual essence of Muddy Waters and B. B. King, and the raw energy of modern influences such as My Morning Jacket. That the huge sound that The Blue Stones create is the work of just two talented musicians is simply phenomenal!

In the Black Box session performance for Be My Fire (seen/heard here) from the new long-player, you can get a feel for the raw brilliance of this duo. Lead vocal and guitar work is provided by Tarek Jafar while percussion and backing vocals are provided by the hard-working (see this cover of the Stones, Satisfaction if you have any doubts) Justin Tessier.  A lot has been said in the past few years about the demise of rock and roll, but if you really look at rock music evolution as a whole, this has been a growth period, with artists such as Courtney Barnett and now The Blue Stones, melding blues rock influences with modern sounds and genres to great appeal, both critically and within dedicated fan bases.

You can find more information on The Blue Stones by visiting their website, which is, unfortunately, missing any sort of a bio. That said, you can still find one on their Facebook band page. The store link on the website provides purchase options for Black Holes in both Vinyl and CD form. 

Check out the latest evolution in rock and roll by picking up The Blue Stones, Black Holes, now!