The Dead South – Diamond Ring

The Dead South have a penchant for living on the edge with their music. Like a return to the wild west, the band does not shy away from gritty, outside the law, subject matter and uses a combination of folk, Americana, and outlaw country to punctuate their stories. One of Vodka’s favorite tracks from the group is over five years old now and came from their 2014 long-player, Good Company: In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company.

Enter Diamond Ring, the new single from the upcoming long-player, Sugar & Joy (release date not announced at the time of this writing) and you see that the stories are just as edgy as they were back in the band’s beginnings. Diamond Ring finds the protagonist trying to win money at what promises to be a crooked poker table. In the end, the big pot goes not to the protagonist, but to another player, but that isn’t acceptable in the mayhem world of The Dead South. That’s not the end of the story, however, as the dealer is spared, which turns out to be an unfortunate mistake.

You can find more information on The Dead South by heading up to their website including purchase options for some of their music in physical form from their store link. Want digital downloads? Again, you can pick up most of the band’s music content by heading up to their site. Sugar & Joy promises to be yet another stand-out collection of fun music from a great band, so watch for that release.

If your music collection is lacking a touch of mayhem, then you need to pick up some of The Dead South’s music now!  Go ahead and do that. You won’t be sorry.