Noaa Rienecker & the Nowhere Family Band – Saltwater

Saltwater is the lead-off and title track to Noaa Rienecker & The Nowhere Family Band’s debut EP (July 2019) and is definitely the rockiest of the folk songs on the collection. That’s not to say that the remaining tracks don’t have their charms, because they do. These stories properly highlight the diversity of Rienecker’s palate, with Saltwater showing that given the right song, he and the band can rock pretty hard-at least as hard as folk singers ever do.

Noaa Rienecker is also the frontman for Stumble Day, which is more tuned into the pop and rock end of the musical spectrum and has toured with a number of bands as a sideman, including as lead guitarist and supporting vocalist for country singer-songwriter Margo Cilker and spends his free time as a private music educator. 

You can find more information on Noaa Rienecker by visiting his Facebook page. You can pick up the new EP from Noaa’s site. Other links are included in the text above, so feel free to explore further. 

Consider picking up some great folk music from an up-and-coming artist, by picking up Saltwater now!