The Heroic Enthusiasts – New York Made Me

A wall of rock and roll and layers of sound fail to obscure the vocals and the melody here on New York Made Me (seen/heard here) and on other tracks on the band’s debut self-titled long-player. There is something hauntingly familiar and yet very much original in the sound of The Heroic Enthusiasts. There are hints at David Bowie and maybe just a bit of the now ancient Cars in the sound, yet overall it is very much a sound unique to them.

Each track is a carefully constructed song and the band does not disappoint instrumentally. In short, there’s nothing much here to argue about. It’s great music done by a great band. I can tell, though, that this LP, along with almost all of today’s recording artists’ offerings, suffers the dynamic assault defined by the loudness wars. The act of pushing every instrument to the top, essentially robs the music of its subtleties and there is no way to recover those dynamics, they are lost forever. All that aside you should definitely pick up a copy of this LP on the sheer basis of the talent exhibited. 

You can find more information on The Heroic Enthusiasts on their website and you can pick up the self-titled long-player digitally on their site

Consider adding a unique blend of musical styles to your collection by picking up some of this band’s music now! … And band, if you ever read this, consider bringing back true dynamics to your music.