Thea Gilmore – New

Thea Gilmore’s brand of in-your-face pop anthem often feature a fast pace and a melody that is infinitely singable. In fact, this song, New (seen/heard here) one of 17 and change from the new LP Counterweight (June 2017), nearly commands that you sing along-it’s just that infectious. 

In some respects, Thea Gilmore might be described as this era’s Joan Baez. Her songs are often riddled with political and social commentary and contain anger at the status quo that lies just at the surface. That the tunes are so accessible is a bonus, really. Music that involves protest can sometimes be hard to decipher. Not with Thea Gilmore, though. You can always see where the subjects of her songs are coming from.

You can find more information on Thea Gilmore by checking out her website, which includes a pretty great biography, all of the required social links, and a multitude of purchase options. You can also pick up her EP and singles collections from her site

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