The Kuhls – A Woman Is Like – Man

The Kuhls are a delightful garage rock band with a touch of blues in their veins and humor in their hearts. If you don’t believe me, then you must check out A Woman Is Like A Man from their forth coming (due out December 2014) long-player Holy Rollin’. The video takes you down a dark road. Do you know which players are the men and which are the women? There will be subtle hints as you go along, but at the end, all will be revealed. 

There’s a touch of grunge in these tunes, but it adds texture and authenticity. The production is a bit dirty, and deliberately sloppy in places, but instead of being a mistake, it lends a certain credence to the songs. They have the feel of honesty. Leavin’ The Prarie and Winning, two of the three tracks available for a listen on their site, are smooth, messy, unapologetic and delightfully fun.

Check out The Kuhls, and consider stopping by their site and picking up a pre-order for Holy Rollin’ now. You can also find The Kuhls on their site.