Mike Cavanaugh – John Lennon or Kurt Cobain

Boston’s Mike Cavanaugh has a way with a pop tune and a twist of a phrase. Take John Lennon Or Kurt Cobain from Mike’s latest long-player, Pretend (September 2014), for instance. It’s a fun romp through what a musician might aspire to be. Throughout Pretend, Mike explores folk nuanced pop music. There are plenty of stories here with the usual subjects (love, loss, life), all told well.

If you are at all interested in Mike’s music, then you should definitely check out his link, as all 5 of his long-players are there with a “name your price” download option. If you do a web search for Mike Cavanaugh, make sure that you don’t get confused with Michael Cavanaugh, who makes a bigger splash on the Internet but is not this Mike Cavanaugh. There does not appear to be a web site for Mike, but there is a link

Check out some wonderfully nuanced folk-pop, from Mike Cavanaugh and head on up to the aforementioned link and pick up any one of his fine long-players for, an, er, song.