Earthquake Lights – Silhouette

Is there a connection between music and space? Is there life out there that only music can connect with? New York City’s Earthquake Lights explore this and more with their latest single, Silhouette (heard here).  To be fair, the group feels that this song and its lyrics could mean different things depending on your interpretation. For that reason, I’m glad there is just an audio-only video because interpreting meaning is all about listening and feeling the music.

Lead singer and keyboardist Myles Rodenhouse’s sky-high tenor soars, while his four bandmates provide deliciously beautiful textures that make this song complete.  Just close your eyes and let the music take you away, into space, and you decide what the message is. One thing’s for sure, it’s a beautiful experience just listening. 

Earthquake Lights released their second full-length LP at the beginning of this year, Desert Bloom (February 2023) following 2019’s Distress Signals. Their critically acclaimed debut EP, Bangups & Hangups (February 2012) is the foundation of the evolution of their sound. Throughout these earlier offerings and on Silhouette, you’ll hear bits of pop and jazz blended in with other genres. This blending of styles works very well for the band. The band’s propensity to perfection means that there is some time between major releases, but the wait is worth it!

Earthquake Lights
Earthquake Lights

Besides Rodenhouse, Earthquake Lights are, Stephen Helms (drums), James DiGirolamo (electric bass), Cam Underhill (guitar, backing vocal), and Evan Douaihy (lead guitar). You can find more about the band by heading up to their nicely formatted website, which includes all of the social and streaming sites you might want, plus links to their and iTunes stores. An on-site biography is missing, but a little searching will turn up good information on the band’s history and successes. 

It is increasingly difficult to find bands that are willing to release physical copies of their music. Earthquake Lights seems to be one of those bands that have made the decision to stick to digital-only download content. Distress Signals is the only LP with a few CD copies left and options for purchasing vinyl. As someone who lived through the 70s, I can’t imagine going back to purchasing vinyl and dealing with all of the work it took to keep your collection pristine. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that CDs will make a comeback one day too, at least I hope they will. 

Check out this amazing band and pick up or stream their music in your preferred format!