The Oh Hellos – Dear Wormwood

I’ve been following the alternately plaintive and raucous alt-folk compositions of The Oh Hellos for some time now.  They have a cohesive, textural, yet simple sound that always pleases. Here on Dear Wormwood, the title track from their forthcoming long-player by the same name due out in October 2015, you get a glimpse of the plaintive side.

Remembering back to 2012, I listened to a sampling of their debut long player, Through The Deep, Dark Valley, and went looking for a video.  At that time, there wasn’t much to choose from except live videos with sound issues, or static image videos-neither of which is a norm here on Vodka.  so I had to pass.

Luckily, someone is looking out for the band’s best interests this time around, with the release of the in studio performance of Dear Wormwood.  If the two currently available tracks are any indication Dear Wormwood (the long-player) is going to be a magnificent release from this hard-working alt-folk troupe. 

Take a listen by heading on up to The Oh Hellos’ site and consider a purchase of both of their wonderful long-players. Find more information on the band, tour schedules and more, by visiting their nicely formatted web site.