Freeman Dre and The Kitchen Party – Went To Town

The original video is no longer available. Here is an audio-only version:

The refined gravely tenor of Toronto singer-songwriter, Freeman Dre, and the Americana-tinged roots-pop band, The Kitchen Party, feels like a pair of old shoes-so comfortable that you look forward to putting them on. Here on Went To Town, from 2011’s long-player Red Door Second Floor, these feelings are evident. There is a certain love for the past that is echoed in Freeman Dre’s song writing and in their video productions as well.  The band just released (July 2012) their latest long player Old Town.

Check out Freeman Dre and The Kitchen Party by visiting them on their website, where you will find Facebook and i-Tunes links along with links to purchase entire CD’s from CDBaby. You can also purchase full-length digital downloads from their site or visit their MySpace site too, although they appear to have lost interest in this particular internet stop.