Vera Jonas Experiment – Last Song

It was a long time ago (January 14, 2014) when Vodka first met Vera Jonas Experiment, which was right around the release of their 2013 long-player by the same name, Game. Since that time, Vera and the band have been busy, releasing an EP, two additional long-players, and a couple of singles to date. One of those singles, Last Song (seen/heard here), was released in May 2018. The band is preparing to embark on a tour to Asia in September and a European tour in November. The plan is to release music as they travel, so we could be in for a long player’s worth of material from the band once the tours are over. Stay tuned!

Vera Jonas Experiment is interesting both lyrically and musically. They tend to be somewhat quirky, with influences ranging everywhere from rock, pop, and jazz, to house and world, and really, just about everything out there. They don’t shy away from a style of music if it can fit in their compositional mold. Fronted by the vocals of Vera Jonas, the music is often very playful as well. 

You can find more information on Vera Jonas Experiment by heading up to their website. All the social links are up there as well. The band hasn’t released any of their music on except for the initial long-player, Game, and there is inexplicably no store link on the website. The only options that I found were Amazon and iTunes, which have only digital copies of Vera Jonas Experiment music.  

If you are OK with digital-only content, then you should grab some Vera Jonas Experiment music now. Come on! Different is good!