Windings – This Is A Conversation

There’s something unusual and delightful in the sound created by Irish alterna-odd-rockers, Windings. It’s full of twists and turns, key shifts, textural brightening and softening and yet has great fluidity. Here on This Is A Conversation from the band’s October 2012 long-player I Am Not The Crow, you get all of those qualities and more. Former head banging rocker Steve Ryan originally started Windings as a solo project in one-man-band fashion while taking a break from the band Givemeakick back around 2004. Fast forward nearly 9 years and four additional members and you have Windings in it’s current form-a band to be reckoned with. There is so much of the same old stuff available out on the airwaves and blogs these days. Lots of pop mimickers and rock clones, but Windings is not one of those. It is fitting that a band that differentiates itself so much from the norm should be included on A Little More Vodka, A Little Less Milk.

You can find no information on the band by visiting their web site which was very definitely under construction at the time of this writing. Remember, since I use forward posting, this review was written several weeks ago so make sure you click the link to check on it to see if by now things are updated. You can find Windings on Facebook and you can find I Am Not Crow by visiting the link. Check out this truly awesome band now!