Danny Michel – What Colour Are You?

Worldly flavors of rhythm and music flow through the latest long-player Blackbirds Are Dancing Over Me (September 2012-due out world-wide June 2013) from Canadian singer/songwriter Danny Michel. Case in point is the lead-off track, What Colour Are You?. Danny Michel traveled to Belize without a song, guitar or equipment, to create music from the Belize perspective. While there is no mention of how The Garifuna Collective came to record with Mr. Michel, the inclusion of this group certainly fits with making music from the Belize perspective. The Garifuna Collective is a group that is dedicated to preserving the Garifuna culture and language via musical creation. (Google, The Garifuna Collective for more)

Danny Michel has been making creative music since the late 1990’s. While he has won critical acclaim for his musical efforts, he has failed to reach critical mass among music enthusiasts. As observed through listening to this music, it is through no fault of his own.

Take this opportunity now to seek out and purchase Blackbirds Are Dancing Over Me. You may have some difficulty obtaining a copy before June, however. In the meantime, pick up a copy of Welcome Home which is somewhat of an anthology of Danny Michel’s music from 1997-2007 from i-Tunes. That’s 20 tracks for less than $10 US. A great bargain to introduce you to a great singer/songwriter. You can find more information on Danny Michel by visiting his web site.