NOANNE – Goodwill

Odd and wonderful, NOANNE, a Russian transplant to Prague, explores the struggle between good, and our own doubts, asking the question:

Are we drawn to the light of goodness or do we wrestle with it against our own will?

At once emotional and unconventional, NOANNE delves into this issue with broad strokes, beginning as a love song, Goodwill (seen/heard here) quickly transforms into the edginess of relationships, where deeds done for another fail to garner notice. Musically, Goodwill is expansive and grandiose with NOANNE’s voice pristine and full. Music to NOANNE isn’t just melody, it’s a soundstage where melody and theatrics meet and marry. The effect is not off-putting, but rather one that pulls the listener in to experience it more deeply. 

Lyrically, Goodwill paints the remnants of the picture:

“Would you notice
My silent steps behind your door
Would you notice
My warm shadows on your black walls
Would you notice
Me getting over your spells
Would you notice
Me being with somebody else

I have noticed
The last time you’ve touched me with your glance
I have noticed
The last time you’ve given my pride a chance
I have noticed
You’ve silently flipped over our page
I was smart enough to notice
The place where I’ve followed you was a cage”

Or so goes the first verse. 

From a viewer and listener perspective, Goodwill is far from the repetitive norm of most modern music. It is more akin to a theatrical musical than a pop song, and that is as it should be. NOANNE’s delivery is unapoligetic, uncompromising, and quite frankly, a breath of fresh air.


You can find more information on NOANNE by heading up to her webpage. Here, just as with her music, things are non-conformist, but complete. All socials and streaming sites are there and prominently listed, the “Press” link will take you to her biography, and probably some future links to press coverage. Who knows, maybe Vodka will appear there too. There is also a “Merch” link, for available NOANNE swag.

Prepare for an artist whose music is far from the norm but remains accessible and wonderful! Find out more about NOANNE now, and stream her music as it is released. For now, there are no purchase options available.