CosmoSoul – On the Road

Way back in January of 2013, Vodka reviewed a sunny bit of Winter warmth from CosmoSoul called Sunny Days from the band’s 2011 long-player, Sunrise. The band, with beautiful soul and r&b vocals provided by Alana Sinkëy, is still out there and released their third long-player, Walk, in 2017. On The Road (seen/heard here) gives you a snap-shot view of that long player and the diversity of the music within. 

Alana’s vocals here are as wonderful as ever, but listen to the music! On The Road’s instrumentation owes as much to the frontiers of rock and roll as it does to jazz and soul. There are so many textures here that you may want to play this again and again to hear them all.

CosmoSoul personnel, aside from Alana Sinkëy’s wonderful vocals, include Manuel Sanz, bass, Sergio Salvi, keyboards, Abel Calzetta, guitar, and Arturo Garcia, drums. The diversity of the backgrounds of these musicians is what makes the CosmoSoul sound so compelling.

There are some very good things about CosmoSoul’s website and some head-scratchers. First, the good stuff: You can listen to the band’s three long-players in their entirety (a nice touch); You can find all of the social links that you might require there; The band’s upcoming shows are listed so that you can find them live; There is a nice concise bio on the band there.  Now for the bad: There are no purchase links for any of the music from the website. Even a search for CosmoSoul entries from the usual suspects only returns digital download tracks or LPs, no physical CDs. Two of the band’s three long-players (sans Walk) are available on their site and you can find most CosmoSoul tracks via Amazon

Still, if you can swing finding the music, it is well worth your money to purchase-even in the digital-only format.  Consider a purchase of some very interesting and diverse soul music for your collection by picking up some CosmoSoul tracks now!