All Our Exes Live in Texas – When The Sun Comes Up

An amalgam of many styles, from the wonderful-if, unfortunately named, All Our Exes Live In Texas, is a good way to describe this Australian four-piece. If Vodka were to place their sound (or attempt to), we would put them in their own Avant-folk-pop realm. Delicious four-part harmonies combine with extremely interesting song-writing to transport the listener to new vistas. Here on When The Sun Comes Up, from the group’s debut long-player, When We Fall (March 2017), you get a taste.

Let me explain my dislike for the name: It’s not that there is anything wrong with the name, exactly, but because this moniker is but one word off from George Strait’s All My Exes Live In Texas, it might give some the idea without listening that this is going to be country music. It’s not in the least, thankfully, country. That is my only complaint and it is small compared to this great set of music!

You can find more information on the band by visiting their website. You can pick up the long-player from the same place. If you have missed them so far this year, take a listen now and consider a purchase!