Paul Mosely & The Red Meat Orchestra – Galaxies

A recent post on For Folk’s Sake had me jumping down a rabbit hole searching for more from this amazing artist, Paul Mosley, seen and heard here with The Red Meat Orchestra and a track (Galaxies) from the folk opera concept album, The Butcher (May 2016). Folkwit Records will soon be releasing the band’s latest EP, Wintertide, due out sometime in December.

The Red Meat Orchestra spares no instrument, no matter how wildly unorthodox, to texturize Mr. Mosley’s compositions. While there is nothing that explicitly states it (that I can find), it appears that like any good orchestra leader, Mosley directs these instruments and plans out the overall sound-and it is an amazing sound!

If you are looking for information on Paul Mosley, you may still be looking by the time you finish this post. You can find some information on his website, and there is even an old website, which has a little bit of information and is really just a hidden page on his current site. In addition, there is his Facebook page, but if you are looking for extensive bio information and band information, well I’m sorry to say that you are out of luck. Nothing links to anything else either, so from a marketing standpoint, you have to dig for every morsel. 

All of that aside, the music here is amazing as is the single via Soundcloud, Wintersun, which will be one of the tracks off of the new EP.  Could Paul Mosley and company benefit from some rudimentary marketing techniques? You bet they could and I hope that they do! More people need to find this great artist and band.