Alright Alright – The Liar

The Liar (seen/heard here) is from Denver-based Alright Alright, the creative moniker for Seth and China Kent, and their most recent long-player, Nearby (October 2018)Positioned firmly in the indie-folk category, the sum essence of these nine beautifully executed tracks is the stories they tell. If you can’t get that from The Liar, then take a listen to all of the tracks as a cohesive unit and you will feel the force that the stories create. The Kent’s music is power-driven, both instrumentally and lyrically, and I don’t mean that to mean amplification, though there is some of that; I’m talking about the feelings that are evoked from each.  

Even a neophyte, though, would be hard-pressed to miss the story that The Liar presents to the listener. Just listen to this section alone:

Oh the hours,
sitting up there on the roof.
We were inspired by the sunset,
and the falling of our youth.
We started slipping backwards,
grasping desperately at straws.
Cryin’ out to Jesus,
cause a mess was what we saw.

Just a couple of meaningful stanzas from the storyline. They grab you where reality meets your own imagination and take you on their journey to their rooftop. 

You can find more information on Alright Alright by heading up to their very complete website, including all of the social links and physical purchase links that include a digital download as well. If you are only interested in a digital purchase, head up to their site, where all of the LPs, EPs, and singles released since 2015 are available. 

Check out this wonderful example of indie-folk music with an emphasis on powerful stories, melodies, and beautifully blended vocals, by picking up some Alright Alright right now!