Barbra Lica – Before I Do

The recently released (May 2019) video for Before I Do from Barbra Lica’s latest long-player, You’re Fine (November 2018), is the type of vocal jazz that plays beautifully as a background for any warm afternoons contemplation of relationship commitment. Barbra’s voice is, as always, warm, clear, soothing like a gentle touch. She massages the message into a lullaby that is irresistible. 

A Toronto-based songwriter, her latest long-player explores the intertwining of American country music and jazz in a way that is very accessible on both counts. On the music scene since 2014, Barbra Lica has honed her sound over three long players, culminating in You’re Fine. Lyrically, Fine sticks pretty close to the love, loss, commitment formula that has been done before, but perhaps never executed quite so beautifully than here. The only exception might be the track, Slow Dancing, which falls a little too close to the country sound, instead of the nicely integrated sound of the other 11 tracks.

Missing from the website is a decent biography, and that’s too bad because I have to believe that there is a wonderful story behind this artist that should be available for review. The rest of the website, though, is a great marketing example for others to follow. Every conceivable social and purchase link is available. If you follow the primary social links, they link back to the website. Performance dates are listed. In short, other than the missing biography, this artist follows great marketing practices to help get her name out there.

You can find more information on Barbra Lica on her website (of course) and pick up digital copies of her music from her site. Other digital purchase options are available and don’t forget the all-important physical purchase (CDs are still a thing, y’all) from

Check out this amazingly versatile jazz vocalist by picking up some Barbra Lica music now!