Beaulieu Porch – The Colour 55′

Psychedelic, layered and melodic is The Colour 55 from the recently re-issued (I’m only finding sketchy notes on this) EP, Fiftyfive, from Beaulieu Porch (Simon Berry). Bandcamp shows the release date as January 2014, and maybe that is accurate. Whether or not the release date is accurate or not, however, this is music with so much character and depth. 

There is little info on Beaulieu Porch or Simon Berry, save a brief bio on the web site, which is sketchy at best. So this is one of those times that I’ll simply let the music speak for itself. 

You can find some information on Beaulieu Porch on the web site and some additional info on the Facebook site. The Colour 55 is available from the label’s site for a reasonable fee. Check out this very interesting music now!