Best Of Vodka 2013

Here it is again, the super unscientific list of the top 40 tracks on A Little More Vodka, A Little Less Milk for  the previous year, 2013. Thanks again for your comments likes and reblogs this past year! The list is sorted alphabetically by artist and is not ranked at all:

Achoo! Bless You  –  Before We Say Goodbye
Barnett, Courtney –  Scotty Says
Barnett, George –  Where The Devil Sleeps
Bears Of Legend –  Let Me Be
Ben Marcato and his Mondo Combo – Second To None
Big Big Train –  Make Some Noise
Black Feathers, The – You Will Be Mine
Civil Wars, The – The One That Got Away
Cosmosoul – Sunny Days
Emily Barker and The Red Clay Halo – Ghost Narrative
Fairchild – Stay Young
Flagship Romance – Hit The Ground
Gordon, Wynter – Stimela
Hillary Reynolds Band, The –  Good As New
Holmes, Natalie –  Child
Julia And The Deep Sea Sirens  – Little Surprises
Lady –  Get Ready
LaFarge, Pokey – Central Time
Layla – Yellow Circles
Lilly & Madeliene – Tired
Little Hurricane – Crocodile Tears
Magnolia Sons – For Your Love
Middle Class Fashion – Sugar Hrt Candy
Midlake – Antiphon
Mipso – Carolina Calling
Miracles Of Modern Science – Eating Me Alive
Mop Mop – Run Around
My Fair Fiend – Murder A Dream
Myers, Meg – Heart Heart Head
Norwegian Arms – Tired Of Being Cold
Paper Aeroplanes – Little Letters
Pompaelo, iSeo – I Lost Count
Rodgers, Jonny – Everything Is Yours
Rose, Caitlin – Only A Clown
Smooth Hound Smith – California Sway
St. Paul and The Broken Bones – Call Me
Starkeeper – Elle
Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy – I Wouldn’t Know
Stornoway – Farewell Appalachia
Windings – This Is A Conversation

Again, this isn’t a top to bottom list. It is a compilation of the tracks that had the most “like” and “reblog” activity as well as tracks that floated to the top for me. Your mileage may differ. Forty tracks doesn’t quite cover all of the great music-some of which missed out entirely on any kind of like or reblog. If you really want to listen to a diverse set of music, make your way backwards through the blog and check out all of the offerings.

Now, on to 2014! Remember, posts for this year are down to one per week. I’ve settled on Wednesday as being the post day. That said, the first post for 2014 is actually tomorrow (Thursday January 2, 2014). There may be some additional “focus on” spots too, but for now, just know to watch for new posts on Wednesday.