Marcellus Hall & The Hostages – Soulmate

Marcellus Hall is a sometime illustrator, cartoonist, writer and yes, musician. Here, he and his band, The Hostages, turn out rock and roll with just a hint of retro. It’s fun stuff, as seen / heard in Soul Mate (above). There’s a bit of rockabilly, a little folk-rock, some pure pop-it’s all in there, and all on his latest crowd-funded long-player, Afterglow (December 2013).

Vocally, Marcellus has a similar tonal quality and delivery to that of Dan Zanes. The band is loose and fluid, in a lovingly sloppy way that these tunes command. You will find some odd instruments for a rock musician to use, such as the clarinet and the geomungo, a traditional Korean instrument. There’s nothing shoddy or uninteresting about these twelve tracks. 

You can find Marcellus Hall on his web site, but there is no link (yet) to the new long-player from there. You can find that on Also not available from the web site, are his social links. So look for more information from his Facebook and Myspace sites, to name two.

Check out Marcellus Hall & The Hostages now for some great pop-rock music!

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