Carsie Blanton – Buck Up

It’s been a while since Vodka first visited Carsie Blanton with the review for Laziest Girl In Town back in 2014, and Carsie has continued to inspire with her down-home pop goodness. Shunning recording industry standards, Blanton’s philosophy on music as a commodity is fresh.  Moreover, her views on the personal vs. political are more honest than most people who stand on the side of one party or another and scream the party line. More importantly, though, Carsie Blanton makes great music. Enter Buck Up (seen/heard here)  the title track of her latest (February 2019) long-player. The underlying message here is to keep positive when it seems that the entire world is on a downward spiral. Your attitude makes a difference!

Musically, the long-player is influenced by blues, jazz, pop, a touch of hip-hop, and more. Blanton’s voice is prominently featured, so the lyrics are never obscured. The subject matter is all over the place, because, if you’ve read Carsie’s blog, you know that she has an incredible mind and ideas on all sorts of subjects. Her website is full-featured, and her site has her music in multiple formats with the CDs offered at an incredible minimum price. 

Regardless of what you think of Carsie Blanton’s personal views on political and social subjects, her music is totally infectious and full of plenty of reasons to support her. Pick up some Carsie Blanton music now and listen!