Lucile Thorne – Wheogo Hill

At least loosely based on the love affair between Frank Gardiner and Kitty (Catherine) Brown (Walsh) and the circumstances surrounding the Gold Escort Robbery of 1862, Lucie Thorne’s new long-player, Kitty & Frank (August 2019) touches on the gold rush that was happening in this area of Australia at the time, the robbery orchestrated by Frank and his incarceration, among other details. Wheogo Hill (seen/heard here) is a reference to what was sometimes called Mount Wheogo, where Frank had his camp. In short, you can consider Kitty & Frank a concept album of a long folk story. 

Musically, Kitty & Frank is spare, sometimes cold, crisp, lending to the overall feel of a sad story of love and longing and with an underlying beauty. The melodies here drift in an ebb and flow. Vocally, Thorne sometimes (as with Wheogo Hill) uses a very subtle overdub of her own voice which is texturally pleasing. 

You can find more information on Lucie Thorne by heading up to her website or pick up any of her vast catalog of music that is available from her site. You can also find more information on the gold escort robbery by using one of these links: 

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