La Luz – Mean Dream

What happens when you mix pop smarts with a wall of sound beach party music and a flair for Alice In Chains minor / major key shifts? La Luz is what happens, and it’s a whole lot of fun! Mean Dream is from the band’s latest long-player, Floating Features (May 2018), a dream-themed long-player. 

There’s plenty of camp and pretense in La Luz’s video staging. While the music is compelling enough on its own, these young ladies know enough about having fun to not take themselves too seriously, and that’s a good thing. 

La Luz has been around for a few years already, releasing their first EP on cassette tape back in 2012 (Damp Face EP). Their sound hasn’t changed much since the beginning, except that perhaps there is a bit more polish to the compositions than at the beginning, and that may be the only flaw in La Luz’s armor-their music isn’t something that most people will want to listen to back-to-back, but has a great place as an inclusion in any mix. That said, La Luz is too much fun to ignore entirely.

You can find more information on La Luz (except for a decent bio) by heading up to their website. You can find their music in most modern forms (CD, vinyl, or digital) by checking out their store or pick up vinyl-only copies from their web sites storefront.  Check out some modern-day beach party tunes with La Luz today!