The Fearless Flyers – Ace of Aces

Funky, fun, and fabulous, The Fearless Flyers prove that lyrics aren’t necessary when you are _this_ good at your instruments!  Ace of Aces is from the band’s March 23, 2018, self-titled six-song debut EP.

The band shares composition duties while baritone guitarist and guitarist Cory Wong acts as producer for the group. Laying down the phenomenal beat is Nate Smith who is flat-out perfect on Ace of Aces. The rest of the band made up of Joe Dart on bass and Mark Lettieri (of Snarky Puppy) on baritone guitar and guitar, are no slouches either. 

Vulf Records released two tracks under the moniker The Fearless Flyers in mid-March and then quietly released the entire EP on the 23rd on It was the top purchased item among all genres on March 27th, 2018. Vulf Records, essentially the marketing arm for Vulfpeck, the funky band for which three of The Fearless Flyers are also members, keeps about as low a profile as you can on the web, essentially reserving their content to store purchases. Vulfpeck has the most minimal website I’ve ever seen for a band, but in some ways, it is a refreshing change. The links all take you to musical content and there is quite a lot there since Vulfpeck has been in existence since at least 2011.

Let’s hope that The Fearless Flyers are something that sticks around in this form for a long time! You can pick up the EP, by heading up to that site. Get dancing!