Smoke Fairies – Vanishing Line

Smoke Fairies have been around for nearly two decades, creating unique and wonderful folk, folk-rock, and alternative folk music for the masses. They’ve managed to dodge Vodka’s radar for a long time, but with the release of their 9th LP, Carried In Sound (November 2023), I discovered them while trolling Bandcamp. There are so many musicians out there and so much music to filter through (not all of it good) that it is easy to miss something that you should be following. Smoke Fairies are that and more.

Vanishing Line (seen/heard here) is the second track on Carried In Sound. It’s a mournful track with a beautifully sung melody and harmonies that mesmerize you. The production here is pushed slightly too hard, but it’s hard not to love the song, even with that slight fault. 

Smoke Fairies are Katherine Blamire and Jessica Davies, who formed a musical relationship years ago out of school. From that early time, they’ve absorbed a great deal of divergent music. Blues when they lived in New Orleans in the early 2000s, and folk after returning to England. Every musical influence finds a niche in their overall sound, creating a style unique to them. Their blended voices can sound almost choir-like (Vague Ideas intro). Instrumentally, there are guitars (electric and acoustic), piano, organ, other keyboards, and percussion. These are used to great effect for added texture and beauty.

You can find out more about Smoke Fairies by visiting their mostly complete website. It’s missing a biography on the duo, but is otherwise quite good. If you are like Vodka and have missed out on this group for most of their careers, take this opportunity to dig deeper.