Peaness – Seafoam Islands

The video for Seafoam Islands (seen/heard here) from the three-piece indie-pop band, Peaness (Chester, England) is the B-side to their latest single, Same Place, due out by the time you read this (January 2017). If the A-side is this good, these young ladies should have no problem selling the single like hotcakes! The video’s VHS quality is apparently intended and provides both humor and a glimpse into the fun that surrounds these three. 

Now for the bad news: There is no complete bio (just a brief on the band on the Facebook page), no instrumentation guide, and only the first names of the band are listed via the Facebook page (Rach, Balla, and Jess). The Tumblr page is the main link for the group, which links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more, but again, there is not much about the group here, just posts.

In spite of these lapses, the band is tight with raw edges that lend to the songs they create.  There are beautiful three-part harmonies at work here as well. The minor key shift of  Seafoam Islands is delightful too. Let’s hope that the next step for these three is a LP!  You can pick up the band’s music via their page in digital and vinyl (and sometimes cassette), but not CD. 

Check out Peaness now and consider a purchase of this great music!