Flagship Romance – His Town

To regular Vodka readers, it may seem that Flagship Romance posts are pretty frequent in the vast scheme of things, and that would be a fair assessment. I began reviewing and purchasing their music with their very first EP, The Fudge Sessions, and have continued to cover subsequent releases over the years. They’ve been a favorite duo, I won’t deny that. Their latest long-player, Concentric, is the most ambitious set of songs from the duo to date, notching up the intensity and building on their long-standing habit of writing from their own experiences. His Town (seen/heard here) is a great example of what Concentric has to offer. Filmed in and around Truth Or Consequences, NM, Flagship Romance’s home base, this is an ode to a home and a people held in great regard.

One of the best ways to experience Flagship Romance is to catch them live as they tour across the country. This is not as hard as it might seem, as the duo tours extensively, often performing in small intimate settings and house concerts, perfect for experiencing their shared love of each other and of the music they create. 

You can find more information on Flagship Romance by heading up to their very complete website. You can pick up the duo’s music from their store link, or get digital copies of most of their music from their site. You can also find their music in most online stores, including Amazon. If you would like to look back on other Vodka Flagship Romance posts, simply click here.

Pick up some of the best pop-folk out there from a duo that is defining the genre. Pick up some Flagship Romance now!