The Shelters – You’re Different

I fell instantly in love with this track as soon as I heard it on Serious XM Alt-Nation. So it was time to dig up as much information as I could find on The Shelters. Enter You’re Different (seen/heard here) from the band’s latest long-player, Jupiter Sidecar (September 2019). This song is so much fun and the long-player has plenty of depth, good rock and roll, and nice harmonies with an abundance of danceable and foot-stomping moments as well.  Jupiter Sidecar is twelve tracks of carefully produced rock, worthy of any living room or dance floor.

The Shelters formed in 2015 and are now a three-piece band with original members, Chase Simpson (guitars and vocals), Josh Jove (guitars and vocals), and Sebastian Harris (drums). From these three instruments comes a big, yet controlled, sound. Vocals are well done, and while the album as a whole rocks out, there are quieter moments as well that make the total collection complete. All of the band members originally played in the band Automatik Slim with Dylan Petty, Tom Petty’s son, and with Jove and Simpson also participating on Tom’s 2014 album, Hypnotic Eye. Short version: the band has chops that date back well before 2015.

I only have one negative with regard to The Shelters and it all has to do with a cohesive online marketing presence. For instance, the band’s 2015 debut LP is available on and has links to their home page and all social links. The website, though, is only a placeholder for the Jupiter Sidecar LP, upcoming tour dates, and an email sign-up form. There are no social links available, no posted bio for the band, in short, really no website at all. From a marketing perspective, The Shelters need to link all of their pertinent information together. For the benefit of Vodka readers, you can find additional information from the band’s Facebook, Twitter, and  Instagram sites.

Marketing problems aside, The Shelters have the talent to carry rock music forward and have proven this with a fantastic long-player worthy of any true music aficionado’s collection. Pick up some great rock and roll from a band that Vodka hopes will be making music for years to come. You can purchase Jupiter Sidecar in several formats from Amazon.