Flagship Romance – Julie Wants To Go To War

Taking on social issues in a quiet and thoughtful way isn’t new for one of Vodka’s favorite duos, Flagship Romance. They have covered many difficult questions in ways that are not in your face but gently reinforced. It’s a skill not many performers can pull out of their portfolios. Enter, Julie Wants To Go To War, a story of gender identity, desires, hopes, dreams, and tragedy, which sadly paints a not too flattering picture of our country’s battle to properly acknowledge and accept those in the LGBTQ community. The song is included on the duo’s latest long-player, Concentric, due for general release in two days.

All proceeds for the streaming of Julie Wants To Go To War are being donated to The Trevor Project. To help out, point your Spotify (or other streaming apps) to the song and play it!

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