Fox and Bones – Running Free

Fox and Bones return in the heat of the Summer with an anthem worthy of rolling the windows down, turning the volume up, and raising a fist in the air.
The new track, Running Free (August 2019) begins:

“I’ve got a fever for the wild and restless.
I’ve got a feeling there are things unseen.
Cheers to the years we’ve been tried and tested.
Here’s to the fears that inspire dreams.”

All the while, the guitars jam, and the drums kick. There’s a great feeling of positivism, of taking on the challenges we meet head-on and reveling in them.

Nestled in the beauty of Portland, Oregon, Fox and Bones have taken folk-pop and set the genre’ on its ear. They prove that stories can rock out and that positive messages can still be found in a world deluged with hate, fear, and negativity. The journey isn’t always easy, as the song lyrics continue, but there is light in the end:

“On the way we walked along the valley.
There were days with no escape.
For the times that we held each other tightly,
Waiting for the night to fade.
We are free, running free,
With no idea what the future could hold
Only that we believe.”

It’s a powerful message sewn up in an anthem for Summer, with eternal hope woven in for good measure. The duo consists of folk singer-songwriters and performers Scott Gilmore and Sarah Vitort. They have supported their music with a relentless touring schedule that would make even the most adventurous person cringe. They have traveled, quite literally, all over the world to expose their music to new audiences. As this single is being released, the duo is set to
play 18 shows in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, and that’s just August!

Fox and Bones have appeared on Vodka once before, about 8 months ago, with the review for Love Me Like A River.

You can find more information on Fox and Bones by heading up to their website which now includes all of the social links. You can find the duo’s music on digitally, or click the music link on their website for physical copies as well as digital.

Consider a purchase of some fine folk-pop from one of the genre’s greatest practitioners, Fox and Bones! Also, keep tabs on this great duo’s touring schedule. So get on the road, open the windows, put the top down, raise your fist in the air and crank up Running Free right now!!