Flagship Romance – You’re My Best Friend (Queen Cover)

Vodka doesn’t often review covers. It’s a decision I made early on. I’m generally looking for original music from artists. To break through and be given the once-over, a cover must be made to be the artist’s very own. Enter You’re My Best Friend (seen/heard here), covered by one of Vodka’s favorite duos, Flagship Romance, and originally released by Queen on their hugely successful fourth studio LP, Night At The Opera back in 1975. Flagship Romance manages to make the song sound fresh and soulful without losing the best parts of the original. The duo’s wonderful blended two-part harmonies also lend belief to the lyrics. This isn’t just a song for Flagship Romance, it means everything to them.

It’s arguably been a while since Vodka has covered Flagship Romance. That isn’t a deliberate move by any means, and Vodka readers can look back at other posts we’ve had over the years to see how popular they’ve been with me, dating clear back to their original 5-song EP, The Fudge Sessions. The duo is made up of Shawn Fisher (guitars/vocal)  and Jordyn Jackson (vocal). Their best music is stripped of production gimmicks and is dependent on the duo’s vocal chemistry and simple, yet beautiful instrumentation. You’re My Best Friend fits into that mode easily.

At the time of this writing, Flagship Romance was only 13 days away from a Kickstarter goal to create a new double-CD of original music. They weren’t quite halfway there when I last looked, so if you like what you hear, please head over to that campaign and push them over the top. 

Flagship Romance
Flagship Romance

You can find more information on Flagship Romance by heading up to their nicely formatted website. Everything is either there or linked, including all social and purchase options. 

If this is your first time hearing Flagship Romance, take a listen back to the other tracks linked above, or head over to their site, which has nearly all of the music available to purchase and listen to. Help this great duo get their next set of music out to the public by helping them with their Kickstarter campaign. Do it now!