Me And My Friends – You Read My Mind

I appear to be on a positive bent lately, which is never bad. With Big Little Lions, Jenie Thai, We Are Leif, Lydian Collective, and now Me And My Friends. Each of those previously mentioned positive vibes in music are completely different styles, from indie-pop to rhythm and blues to the vocal and instrumental elements of modern jazz. Enter Me And My Friends which takes folk music and puts it in an afrobeat envelope and mails it directly to your ears. It’s a completely different feeling, but I guarantee that it is worth the price of admission.

Here on You Read My Mind from the band’s latest long-player, Look Up (December 2018), the band moves you with pulsating rhythms provided by both percussion and the other instruments. One element of particular import is Emma Coleman’s plucked and bowed cello, which combined with the bass and other percussions, provides textural beauty to the lead guitar and vocals. 

The title track on the LP is an instrumental mid-tempo excursion with plenty of diversity, that highlights every instrument-every musician. Lead vocal duties throughout the long-player switch-off, which lends another element of variance to this collection. Every track explores something, and as the listener, you are never disappointed.

You can find more information on Me And My Friends by heading up to their website, which includes tour and purchase links. You can also pick up Look Up, as well as the band’s previous releases (at least digitally) from the band’s link

Check out some very interesting and uplifting folk of a different sort, by getting to know Me And My Friends now!